Dj collycol spent years along side djs from early 90`s rave scene lending his technical experince and advice and has always been into djing but most of his time stood back and supported his weller known dj mates,
in the past decade col had hit the decks alot more and has come out of just bedroom mixing and has stepped up to the platers playing at verious gigs and events around the county and proven himself to be well capable of holding his own and getting the crowd lifted with his oldschool style and love for the music. since joining the well established global house radio show reelhousetv 3yrs ago and tag teaming with the likes of Alistar Bailey and Mark M he has grown as a dj and his style has evolved and although col loves all generes of house and dance music in general .. his style is generally funky, oldschool ,undergrund and his love for tech has grown in recent years..  col hosts the evergrowing Madhouse show on a Wednesday 7pm til 9pm and a Thursday 5pm til 7pm. As well as supporting the reelhouse family with helpful technical advice col is a valued member of the team and continues to grow as a dj as reelhouse becomes more and more popular world wide.

Pembroke, UK

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