Where to start, well... There has always been something about music, an attraction, a spark, an energy... that has always resonated and inspired me in the strongest way and nothing has changed right up until today and beyond. Now, not a lot of people know this I started my life stone deaf for the first 10 years, so I never knew music was, apart from an artist on a stage holding a mic... their lips moving, bodies dancing with flashing lights and different camera angles ( Massive Thank You to Micheal Jackson!!)


After numerous surgeries, which actually blew out my left ear drum, leaving it heavily scarred and a mess, I was however, very fortunate to be given hearing to my right ear... from then, I was off! So from the age of 11, my amazing journey into music began, I took to dance music straight away, always purchasing music when I had the chance, always turning it up to the point, my mother would come and tell me to turn it down. (Thanks Mum for trying to keep my hearing!)


Fast forward many years and you have me, still loving music, still playing music, and now able to spread the love!!

Newport, UK

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