Inspired by her home town of Manchester's vibrant Underground scene, Emma Clair began DJ-ing 7 years ago, on vinyl.


In that time, she has played across a multitude of scenes, making her one of the most versatile and respected DJs in the North.


Using this experience, Emma loves to craft genre defying sets that are sure to get any dancefloor moving.


Emma brings her own unique and dynamic style to Electro-Swing, as well as her unlimited energy and passion. Fusing vintage vocals, classic big beat and brass, with modern percussion and bass, her music is sure to bring a smile!


House and Techno sets see Emma fuse her love of vocal led tracks with chunky beats and killer percussion. 


Away from the dancefloor, Emma has started to push her own sound, through production. She's also head-honcho of "Prohibition" which is rapidly growing into one of the largest events in the North for Electro Swing, and has hosted guests such as Bart & Baker, Jamie Berry, C@ In The H@ and Dutty Moonshine.


She has played at some of the largest venues in the UK including Ministry Of Sound London, Gatecrasher Birmingham + Leeds. She is also a firm favourite on the underground scene having played events such as Illuminaughty, Lowdown & Dirty, Planet Zogg and Riff Raff.


Join Emma every Tuesday afternoon from 4pm -6pm for Beats Underground. Each show features a 'Swing Selection' focussing on vintage remixes, electro swing and swing house and 'One From The Vault' which sees Emma dig through her crates to bring you forgotten classics! Beats Underground is as you'd expect from the name a fusion of anything from the underground world of electronic dance music! From house, techno, nu disco and funky flavours! 


Manchester, UK

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