An engineer by trade, Laati got into the field only recently, starting late 2010. 

What drove him to djing was his love for the music, and the lack of local clubs that played the type of music he was into to; underground house and techno. But, as hard as he tried, he couldn't find any local dj's that had this type of music, so he decided to do it himself. 

He has done gigs in Beirut, Frankfurt, Ibiza, and other major cities. As well as his live performances at local and international radios. 

His first real exposure happened at Ibiza, while he was vacationing there. He was at a house party, and decided to experiment on the sound system. While playing around with some beats, his friends heard his music and encouraged him to try djing himself. It was then that he discovered his new passion and hobby, and has been mixing music ever since.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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