Paul Cain AKA DJ MISTER C Known as one of the most revered members of the UK house scene. DJ Mister C has made it his duty to share house beats with a growing global audience! As a member of the House Trax roster of artists, his passion is Burning Hot tunes & spinning Techno & Melodic Sounds at His parties. DJMister weekly sets on ReelHouseTV have kept listeners on the pulse of the hot global house scene! 

House music is a cultural phenomenon that did what no other form of music could do – bring people together. It doesn't matter what race or sexual orientation you come from because dance music is all about embracing our differences and creating a homogeneous vibe. The music is built heavily on traditional song structures and lots of heart and soul.

Mister C started DJ-ing with a sound system called Solid Funk, "we used to play house parties (real houses, lol) we then branched out with some hard work into the clubs" Solid Funk was run and founded by myself and four close friends. We had all of us helping which started a good local vibe, it was SOLID.


What Are your Musical Influences?


There are so many hats that you wear: Artist, producer, DJ, label boss, and more. What is it that gives you the most satisfaction? 

I have a bad habit of getting my hands dirty in every little thing, and I really do enjoy it, but unfortunately, it makes it really hard to put all my attention into one thing. I think, though, that the best thing for me is to just be able to sit around in the studio and mess around with sounds and not even really have a starting idea—just to come up with tracks & samples. I really love that artist/producer side of things. I also really love remixing, and I really love DJing. Being my own boss is great, but only when it doesn't get too crazy. I think that out of all of the roles I play though, I really like being able to compose and play around with my Digital Note Pads and just be in the studio and do funny things. I love all house music genres, but if i'm DJing in a club or a boat Party, I would play Techno, Tech House, Deep House or Soulful. It would depend on the night or day & the party people :-) xx

London, UK

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