Stevie, a wanabe cockney born on The Wirral which for those that don't know, is a peninsula of land between North Wales and Liverpool. She herself says "wanabe cockney" for reasons known to herself only...... Ha, because no  sooner than she was dragged to London screaming and kicking in the late 80's, she fell in love with the city. From a young age she has been in love with music and its ability to make create atmosphere. The greatest influences came from her mother(a child of 8) and closest aunt both of whom where into 80's popular culture ranging from glam rock, synth pop, new age etc. These influences eventually lead to Stevie finding out about artists like Blondie,  Jean Micheal Jarre, Vangelis, Floyd, Wakeman, Fleetwood, Black Sabbath and more.......


Growing up during the 80/90's in london suburbs, Stevie found her own musical tastes ranging at the time from commercial music right the way through to avante garde. The then current upbeat sounds of musical influences eventually lead her to start enjoying a more dance orientated taste in music, which was reinforced by the merging house sounds that were creeping into the UK radio playlists of the day....... tracks like hot hands hula, Autobahn, Oxygene, Ride on time, humanoid and Big fun lit the fuse for her to start hunting harder for this new strange beastly sound. Regular visits in to london, infact every six weeks to Chancery lane EC1 ( eventuallyto become her favoured clubbing area) dental hospital lead Steve into finding a small hidden away music shop where on each trip she would save her pocket money and then buy a new cassette on each visit.

Leaving school in '89 midst the merging stronger sounds of house and itialian house, Stevie was listening to pirate FM stations where they played this newer sound that was like a mixture of synth exoctica and four four driven kick & bass which she learnt to be called techno. Little did she know then that it was to become the stable diet for her mind to thrive on. In 1990 Stevie first started to dabble in music as a pub/wedding dj. Taught herself to beat match on mechanical belt drive Citronics and eventually started playing for Pub to Club in Stevenage and various local orgs. As for dabbling in production, that started much later in 1999 and consisted mainly of hard house sounds.

These days with so much clubbing, small org' dj, squat parties, and broadcasting under her belt, the lust for new music has lead Stevie into becoming friends with a wide variety of people al over the globe, ranging from producers, djs, promoters, Party owners etc, some of who have been legendary in their own right. These days she keeps it moddest and to the point, and this is the key to her future plans. Keeping it as real as possible, she's helped hundreds of people get going in music one way or another from simple encouragement through to the lending equipement and contacts. She touches the soul of most people she meets and infects them with her musical belief(the open minded few), from part time crazy person to serious headed music lover.......... The story could be so much more colourful but you'll have to wait to hear the madness and tales that lurk under lock and key! Techno Inside!

Manchester, UK

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